A gallery of style through the years.

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Summer 2017

Summer fashion at Flo Boutique. Photos by Shon Norman.
Fall 2016IMG_0034IMG_0043IMG_0053IMG_0065IMG_9694IMG_9701IMG_9886IMG_9895IMG_9914IMG_9964IMG_9970IMG_9974IMG_9998

Fall 2016

Fall fashion at Flo Boutique. Photos by Shon Norman.
Fall 2015IMG_5054IMG_5022IMG_5010IMG_4993IMG_4980IMG_4979IMG_4957IMG_4927IMG_4910

Fall 2015

Graphic T's, Magnolia, and more. Photos by Shon Norman.

Flo Boutique is a lifestyle clothing boutique in the heart of Midtown, with an emphasis on Simple, Creative and Funky clothing and accessories.

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